Boeing 787 Family Rework

To clarify a few things:

As many of you said we just need gear tilt, a live cockpit, new sounds and a cabin. First, remove the JUST. Second, I think the 787 is a very cool aircraft which is in good condition in IF but a rework would be quite cool tho. And here‘s the thing: We can NOT just have a soft rework ! With a soft rework we could only see maybe a live cockpit but not more. As Jason said in this post, gear tilt requires a new 3D model which means a full rework. For a cabin, too.

Gear tilt requires an a new 3D model. For example, if we update the A330 to have a live cockpit (hypothetically), this wouldn’t necessarily mean gear tilt would be coming as well.


All in all, if you want to see the 787 being reworked, it will need a FULL rework.
Now, as I said above I like the 787 but I don‘t know if it‘s worth it reworking an aircraft that is quite good than reworking for example the A330. If the devs decided to do so I would be still happy tho :)