Boeing 787 Family rework

Hello Community!

I didnt’ find any topics that is like this one.

The Dreamliner (787) is a beatutiful plane to fly and I think it could Get a small rework to the things I have mentioned down bellow:

  • I think the 787 is an Amazing plane to fly and with gear tilt like every reworked plane with more than total 2 Main gears

  • As Infinite Flight add live cockpit to every new/reworked planes
    so to have a live cockpit would be Amazing!

  • Cabin Views like the CRJ family.

  • I have seen the nose gear don’t stand on the ground like I’ve seen on other Aircrafts so that could be a Nice update

What do you think about this?

A Norwegian Boeing 787-9

The 787 is the aircraft that has been released after the 64 bit and the A320 update. Although the aircraft is fully detailed, it lacks of wing flex, animated pilots and working instruments. We’ll have some discussions about the live cockpit for the 787. Good request.


The B787 does have wing flex and it is the first one to have it in IF. @Clipper


Rather than being called a ‘rework’, I’d say this would more be like a ‘soft rework’, as only a few things are actually changed or added, and the 787 is already a highly detailed and high quality plane.

Cool request however.


Sorry, I didn’t know that the 787 has already been equipped with wing flex. The only thing that is still missing is the working instruments. It should be added maybe next year or year after.

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No worries.

Good idea, but I personally feel like there are other planes that need to be reworked first as the 787 already has more features than the majority.


This one I can agree on as the engines max out at an N1 on 117% and the textures are purpleish which I only see on olderish models.

But sadly it might not happen, this is a statement made by @DeerCrusher back in January, things might have changed now.


As far as i know the 787 family will be the next in getting live instruments after the a350 and the 777. So this feature will be coming very soon to IF

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How do you know that?

I have learnt about it mostly through gossip in the VA’s. But it has also been mentioned several times.

Never seen it mentioned anywhere, but who knows…


I think The Royal Jordanian B787-8 has to get the paint reworked, on the simulator the engines are all white while the real Jordanian B788 has red and grey engines.

JY-BAA has white engines


I fly the 787 very often, and I would love to see live cockpit and gear tilt! Voted!


@SimpleWaffles changed the title. And I’ve seen that pictures that shows some things that shouldn’t be there.

Anyway thanks for voting Pilots!

I would love to see a competitor to the upcoming Airbus A350. Lets show the 787 some love. 😍


I would love to see the 787-9 with a bunch of new liveries. Air Canada new, Boeing dreams take flight, Hainan, Xiamen UN, Qantas, Vistara, Etihad, Aeromexico Quetzalcóatl and YAM Dreaming (if possible due to copyright), and Biman Bangladesh. The 787-9 is my second favorite plane and I’d love to even just see some new liveries! You have my vote.


Sorry to burst your bubble about gear tilt being in a soft rework, but…

Maybe a soft rework with the 3D model being edited?


It only needs live cockpit and gear tilt!