Boeing 787 Family Rework

The 787 is a fairly new aircraft in regards to what has been reworked. As some of you have already noted, there are much other important features to work on and other aircraft that would require a rework than the 787 which has already been reworked.

  • Aesthetics such as window transparency including tinted cockpit windows are quite minor and wouldn’t carry enough weight as a reason for such rework.

  • As for the liveries, simply search throughout the #features category and vote for what you would like. Nothing has changed in regards to livery requests for existing aircraft

  • Animated cockpit: this is a relatively new feature as you know. Introduced with the A10, it’d be appropriate to carry this special feature to newly reworked aircraft or new aircraft entirely first before reworking an aircraft that was reworked not too long ago (a couple of years ago). 🙂