Boeing 787 engine cracks

There have been cracks on the Trent 1000’s used on half of the 787’s around the world. Saw this today on Stuff.



Surprised it is a Rolls Royce, not surprised that it’s a 787.


Wow, that’s surprising…

Shocking. Does anyone know if there is any safety issues with the cracks?

Hmm, I’d have to check.

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But…But… It had nothing to do with the 787.


I was just saying the aircraft was a 787, in a jokingly way.

Were at tho cause I don’t see it

ANA airline that has 50 aircraft announced that it will stop flying with him until the end of the tests

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Even though I am an Airbus fanboy, I can’t help but feel bad for Boeing because of all the issues with the Dreamliner.

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Wow…these dreamliners dare I say it…are a nightmare.

Don’t worry, we have enough duct tape.


Especially with 9 abreast seating.

Looks like we should change the saying… If its boeing… Im not going XD


The 777 engine incidents are starting to worry me as well because most of my flights are on 777s.

Apparently according to Rolls Royce the corrosion is happening quicker then expected and although there is no immediate issue ANA have taken drastic action which they will likely revoke shortly as the repairs will be done over a few years and new blades will be made for the engines at the start of 2017


How many 777s fly every day compared to just a few issues?

I guess you’re right. There’s over a thousand out there flying everyday. That’s quite a lot for a wide body.

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