Boeing 787 Cockpit Picture! (Unfinished)

Can we have a link?

Yep I got it.

Very impressed, should be interesting as all of the PFDs and the HUD are blanked out for some reason, suggesting that there is more advanced work to be done on those.

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To me they are working on the Animated screen.

The HUD would only disturb me, I hope you can close it.


Yayyyyyyyyyyy, it looks detailed.

Those big display screens will make me fly using the cockpit view.


Looks like the only thing that needs a little more work is the cockpit and the flaps.

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Anyone else notice that the 787 is coming with auto land or I’m I just late?

They (FDS) said that every new or reworked aircraft will come with Auto landing (if it has it in real world)

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do you think it is possible that working instruments could be a possibility this update? Like just think about it, there is a retractable HUD and the screens are black which may be because they’re unfinished!! Do you guys think they could make the instruments work and have a retractable hud for the users with small devices to see better?

you’re right we dont know if it will be retractable but its blocking a lot of the view so idk, just hoping for the best!

I hope they atleast make the gear lever correspond to the position of the gear… It says “up” even though the plane is on the ground. Those screens though 👌👌.

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if you look at the model, it looks a lot worse then the older aircrafts so it might mean that fds is still updating the models

Just noticed that…