Boeing 787 Bugs

The Boeing 787 while in replay mode on Solo does not have proper gears and the engines don’t spin. This may be because it does not have animated parts yet, I’m not sure:

No tyres or nose wheel, watch the engines…

Engines are in the same place as the picture above (with gears up)

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The engines only have turn animation when they are in idle, if you speed up the won’t because its an old model.
That’s the first time I see the 787 without wheels, but trust me, you won’t have bugs when the reworked 787 hits the game at some point in time.


This is a known bug. However an updated 787 should be coming soon according to Infinite Flight Tweets.


Ok @Sturmovik, thanks @Sumith_M

So they released some pictures of the reworked 787 yesterday right? I wonder when it’s gonna come out

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Whenever the devs are ready :-)

I’ve found more bugs too. The stall alarm was going off on the ground and the aircraft was tipping back onto its tail when stationary.

Hehehe! OK thanks.