Boeing 787-9 Korean Air

Since the last feature request was closed, heres another one!

The Korean Air B787-9 landing in Gimpo International Airport, Seoul.

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Korean Air received its first 787-9 on February 22 2017. Korean Air flies the 787-9 to Toronto, Beijing, Barcelona and many more destinations. Overall, this would be a great livery to add into Infinite Flight. Let me know your thoughts down below!

The Korean livery is very special, indeed. It would make a good addition to the game and bring the possibility for more realistic routes from South Korea. Sadly I’m out of votes.

I’m Blue daba dee daba dai. (This livery always brings this song to my mind).


I’ll give this my support And now I have a vote yess!


It looks cheap tho…


@Hinata what do you mean by looks cheap?


I’m not saying it’s bad, it just looks…
To much blue I guess.

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Can we have this for the next update please devsss? ; D

Its a beautiful livery on an amazing plane. Voted :)

Liked it! I can not vote, but you have my support.

Korean Air virtual really hopes this livery will be added to the game! Thank you for your hard work FDS!

Here are some interesting routes flown by this bird in Korean Air

  • Incheon to Toronto
  • Incheon to Madrid
  • Incheon to Beijing

More routes which are subject to change*

Hey guys can we get more votes for this? I’d really love to see this livery in Infinite Flight

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Yes! Finally found this. I’ve been wanting this livery for quite a while now. Gets my vote and a tiny bump. :) Hehe.

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It’s got my vote.


It’s been a year and I really do hope to see this on the 787-9 😭


Korean Air started flying the 787-9 To Brisbane! I think it Would be great to be able to fly this in IF!

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I would love this aircraft as well as the Westjet Boeing 787-9.

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Korean uses there B787-9 to Boston as well.


And Incheon to Boston.

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U got my vote for this underrated beautiful bird

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