Boeing 787-9 HUD out of alignment

Device: iPad Pro gen 4
Operating system: 16.2

Hi, I don’t know if nobody really pointed this out, but it really bothers me that the Boeing 787-9 has the HUD out of alignment when in cockpit mode. The -8 and -10 don’t have this problem. The HUD and cockpit view are in the same alignment, but this happens when you switch between the cockpit view and HUD view:

As you can see, the cockpit view is offset downwards.
If you guys could fix this problem I would really appreciate it, I love flying the 787-9 but the cockpit view being offset downwards is really annoying.


All the 787s cockpit cam have different layouts which I agree is strange hopefully its fixed in a futute rework of the 787s

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The -8 and -10 are coreecfly aligned, it’s the -9 which is out of alignment.

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