Boeing 787-9 fuel

Ok so right now I am flying from Aukland to New York and I filled the jet with max fuel and now my fuel is at 14 hours. I filled it up to 19 hours.
Can anyone help me find out why the fuel is low?
I’m at 18,400 and 331 knots


What’s the point?

You’re literally still climbing…


You use more fuel while climbing than when you are at cruise because 1. the air is thicker and 2. the plane is gaining altitude. Ever walked up a flight of stairs? Same principle.


No I’m not climbing

So you’re sitting at 18400 feet for cruise? Why?

Im cruising at flight level 18,400


And that would be why your fuel is so low lol

when i climb the planes airspeed decreases and almost stalls

what cruising altitude should i climb at I’m at 95% fuel

You’re either dirty configuration, have one engine off, or are trying to climb at like 6000 FPM. Which is it?

If you’re at 95% fuel I assume you’re very close to 100% weight. Go FL310 for now.


Put flaps at 15, climb to FL360 or FL350 depending on what heading you’re going. Should help with fuel burn

Does the 787 have a fuel bug too?

Oh it does. But you shouldn’t go to 350. 350 F15 = 310 clean @ MTOW. You can do 310 F15 if you want but it only saves like 400 lb/hour.

Also, no one should need a fuel glitch to make a 15.5 hour flight in a 787-9. Should learn good fuel practices instead.

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Ok so do i climb more bc im at 210 rn

You need to gain some speed before you climb. Accelerate to 320 knots and then go.

if i accelerate my speed will go down I’m at 282 knots right now

Say that again, but slowly

Yes I know you can accelerate opposite your velocity but we don’t talk about that

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i meant if i accelerate my fuel will go down

Maybe for a little bit while you’re still accelerating but you’ll get to your destination faster so it’ll make up for it.