Boeing 787-9 Dubai (DXB) to Toronto (YYZ)

park at the gate to get started

taxiing to runway 30L

taking off runway 30L


cruising at FL340

cruising at FL360


landed at runway 05

taxiing to parking

park at the gate

Flight details

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Livery: Air Canada
Callsign: Air Canada 57
Cruise: FL320 - FL340 - FL360 - FL380 - FL400
Flight Time: 13h02mn
Server: Expert


It’s a good route. I’d fly it if I could👍🏻

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I actually flew on this a few years ago on a Emirates A380 and they actually still fly however 787s now also fly so I hope I can go back in the future. Also I think I saw you when I landed but I could be wrong

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Nice shots! I believe it’s me in the A330 in the 9th image 😁

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