Boeing 787-9 Auto Pilot Speed Bug??

Has anyone that flies the 787-9 experienced the “Throttle Moving Up and Down” while the plane is on auto pilot? Ive noticed it on takeoff to AP, as well as cruise. Im usually cruising at around Mach 0.86-0.88 usually at FL340-FL380. I want to know if im the only one that has noticed this.

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I’ve seen this on a few other aircraft too. Looks like Starley is on the case already…

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Did you have strong winds on that flight/on these flights?
And M0.88 is a bit too fast, you might want to slow down. M0.86 is fast enough :)


Winds Vary most of the time, with the highest ive seen around 75 kts over the North Atlantic. Even cruising at 0.86, this still happens. Pretty weird.

Its not a bug. Its simply a visual representation of the auto-throttle working. Because it tries to capture and hold a speed instantly, you see these “jerky & rapid” movements; which is normal. This is more pronounced in weather conditions that have stronger winds and/or turbulence. 🙂


Ahhh nice. Not saying its a bad thing at all. Its one of those things to where when you notice at first youre like " is this a glitch" or is this a great representation of flying thru high winds. Now that i know why, it brings more realism to the table. Nice touch to IF.

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