Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A340 problems

Whenever I descent with these two planes on autopilot at 160 knots the speed starts to increase and it makes me have to land at 250 knots. Idk if its my quick rate of descent or what but I have no idea how to stop it?


What’s your descent rate?

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2100 feet but usually during this I realize that Im too high up and turn of autopilot and manually descent.

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What’s your altitude before descent and how far out are you beginning descent?

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my altitude is 10100 and i began my descent like 20 nm away

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Too quick of a descent. Once you get to -2000fpm your aircraft speed will increase on the 787. You want to be at -1500fpm to -1900 ideally. Also 10000MSL is way to high at 20nm out. You want to be at 5000-6000MSL around 20nm out from the airport.


Oh Ok Thanks for the help.

Agreed. A more shallow glide slope allows you to control your speed better. If necessary you can deploy flight spoilers to help with excess speed as well.


So how far exactly should i start my descent

Take your altitude and subtract the altitude you want to be. Take the whole number and multiply it by 3. That’s how many miles out you should descend. FL32 down to FL11 = 21,000 feet. Multiply 21 x 3 and you get 63 miles out for a 3 degree glide slope.


The average distance travelled is 5nm per minute. By 10nm I’m 2500MSL. 15,000MSL at 75nm, 10,000MSL at 50nm out, 5000MSL at 20nm.

2100 feet for me is a max descent rate and I never go over it unless it’s an emergency. You should descend further out at a slower descent rate. It will make you descent more realistic and easier.

Also try and descend in blocks like
Then maintain that for a bit
Then maintain that until you intercept the glidescope.


Alright thanks for the help everyone

As I guideline I just descend from 12,00 at 35 nm out. If I’m at 16,000, I just do the math from 12000. I normally descend at 1000-1900

This is common in aircraft this size, even in real life. It also happens with 777 pilots. You should plan your speed beforehand to be able to do so. This is a professional simulator, not a game, which means that it follows real life physics. You can’t slow down if you go with gravity, because that’s going to pull you down, making you faster. That increases the air going over your wings, and that’s what makes the airspeed and ground speed go up. The greater absolute value of your negative VS, the harder it will be for you to slow down, and the taster you will be. They can’t just both happen every time. Not a bug. Pilot error

Deply the spoilers to flight it will help alot and try to reduce your speed to below 200 before you start decending and you can do it at a rate of -2500 if your urged to or just start decending from 10100 at 25nm from your dest

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