Boeing 787-800 Elevator issues

Device: IPad 5th gen
Operating system: unsure, recently updated.

Good evening!

I’m was attempting a flight from LAX to LHR on the training server and from previous flights I’ve done to and from these destinations I’ve noticed some issues with the Elevator system on the 787. For example, the trim setting was set at 10% and with flaps at 5 degrees and I noticed I was struggling to climb with a VS of 1,500fpm. The problem seemed to be better with flaps at 15 degrees but it isn’t realistic. Problem 2: While climbing to FL410 the aircraft began pitching aggressively up and down at 5-10 degrees.

What were your weights for these flights?

You are most likely too heavy; you would need to step climb with that amount of long haul fuel onboard.

What speed to do you rotate at? If you were aggressive in your initial ascent and didn’t pitch appropriately for airspeed, that’s your issue. The more weight (fuel in this case since it’s a long haul), the engines have to do more work until you burn off some of that fuel load. The 787 is getting older compared to the newer reworked aircraft, but overall, the 78 series of aircraft are still great even for their age in the simulator.

Id say somewhere around 140-160 kts. I also made sure to gradually increase my pitch. I did have 70% load.

There’s a tug of war between how much power your engines can provide for your given weight, and the thinness of the air, which depends on altitude.

Your task for the above is “energy management.”

Trim and flap settings won’t help you with this energy management problem once you’ve spotted the key symptom of:

Loss of sustainable airspeed (IAS).

Sustaining IAS means lowering your climb rate more and more as you climb (as you see your control over IAS becomes more fragile as you climb, your climb rate has to get smaller until it eventually becomes zero at some altitude - level off before you exceed that).

AoA (angle of attack) increasing beyond normal is another strong symptom of having taxed out your available energy capacity (being too high for your weight with the available engine power).

Okay, thank you guys so much for the advice! I appreciate everything you guys do for this community <3