Boeing 787-8

Royal Brunei Airline Boeing 787-8 dreamliner. Royal Brunei Airline is the launch airline for Boeing 787 Dreamliner in South East Asia and with these recent deliveries of the Dreamliner, Royal Brunei has the distinction of operating the youngest long haul fleet in the world.


I swear the 787-8 is so small


I like it. It’s cute. My favourite in the family. :)

787-8 = 767-200, 200ER
787-9 = 767-300, 300ER
787-10 = 767-400ER

These are most likely. Although, I still don’t understand what the canceled concept of the 787-3 came from, maybe the 757?

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A titch 787 would be ace!

A 787-8’s wingspan is longer than its fuselage, if I recall correctly.

I actually think Scoot now have the youngest long haul fleet… their B787s are newer than Royal Brunei…

Nice photo though!

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Check this then: GECAS 787-10
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