Boeing 787-8 smooth landing

I made a video of me landing a B787-8 @KSJC. Went very smooth. I didn’t change any wind settings, I kept the winds all at 0. It went very well, I hope you like it :) enjoy


Nice touchdown, but you ballooned really far down the runway. You should try to land between the two large white blocks ;)

Your speed should be around 135 knots, you were very quick.

At least you landed in the touchdown zone. :)


Thank you :)

Next time, no need to add “solo” because your topic isn’t in #live so we understand ;-) have a nice day !

Touchdowns don’t get any better then that, well done!

Thank you so much :)

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You flared too soon and were going way too fast. Other than that good landing

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The approach was okay, the landing was kinda smooth but the only thing keeping it from being a good landing was that the plane was way too high and landed way too far. In order to land at the aiming point, you have to be around 50ft when crossing the threshold.

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Reverse thrust activation was a bit too late to add on to everything else above. Otherwise great landing!


Nice landing! how do you record ur screen

It’s ios and it’s that screen recorder but I forgot the name, ask other ios users :)

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QuickTime on my MacBook :3

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Like that Scania logo are you a trucking fan

It was a sweet landing. I bet the VS was less than -100, although, as others have mentioned, it was at the far end of the landing zone.

I’ve seen RL videos with landings that looked similar to yours. They don’t plant the main gear on the two white blocks, they do float a bit. I love it when the landing gear trucks touch and the two rear wheels drag there for a bit before settling down and taking the full load of the aircraft.

I’ve read that a firm touchdown in the landing zone is preferred over a pillow soft landing down the runway, no matter what the flight attendants say.

Nice landing, Daniel! Next time turn off the airport names etc. It looks a bit better on film without all that stuff :)

Off topic, but no, I like Saab Cars. I have a Saab 9-3 in my garage at the moment, as it’s a convertible. But yes, I love Saab, and do wish to visit Sweden :)

Back On Topic

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Thanks. I’ll do that in the future.

Not related to the quality of the landing, but did anyone else notice the missing AGL callouts?

“400… 300… 200… 100, 50… 30…” then he’s on the runway.

Granted, the time between 50 and 30 might not have been enough to squeeze in a 40 callout, but what happened to the 20 and 10? There was all the time in the world.

Mine miss callouts constantly which makes my flare timing off and my landings “firm”. Might have to revisit this in “Support”.

This landing without the last two callouts? I’m jealous!

[OT - I had a Saab Sonnett III once. Learned to drive on a 1976 99 :)]

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Idk, your right. Guess I went too fast :3
(OT: Nice! A Saab sonnet huh? I love my Saab 9-3)

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