Boeing 787-8 Previews + Wing Flex!

i was hoping it was rain or something
nice job ruining someone’s dream

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Sorry lol. I just don’t want you to see more than what’s really there 😉

Guys heres the latest post by Laura

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0 knots of wind…

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When does it come out and what liverys are going to come with it[quote=“FlyFi, post:1, topic:49854, full:true”]


I AM SHAKING RIGHT NOW. The wait is finally OVER!!

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Check my tracking thread :)

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When does the new 787’s come out

No one knows, soon

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I think you just went against yourself…


No, I didn’t lel, I said soon. Some time in the near future, but the precise date is unknown.

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Am ssssooo happy for the 777 and the 787 the 787 is so beautiful😍

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Lol it isn’t here! Still waiting

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When does this update get released? Did they say?

Nope, all we know is that it will be released “when it’s ready”


Ok thanks.

I just saw the video @Lare shared and noticed the emirates horizontal stabilizer shaking upon touchdown and wondered if that too will have flex"the stabilizer"

Here is where the video is

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I’m looking forward to this!

posably all of it won’t happen, it might but not in the next update, when is the next update