Boeing 787-8 dreamliner Doha to Denpasar

aircraft : boeing 787-8 dreamliner
livery : Qatar Airways
route : OTHH - WADD
callsign : qatari 964
cruise : FL370
server : expert

park at the gate to get started next to @jsc.aviation

taxiing to runway 16L

photos taken while taxiing

taking off runway 16L

leaving doha


sunrise above java sea

approach into Denpasar

landing at runway 27

park at the gate to finish the flight


Nice photos! The 787 is a beautiful plane and the game graphics look great

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Nice shots there! Love the takeoff shot😏

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Beautiful! I am looking forward to this service restarting after Covid…

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Great job! Love the photos. I always fly Qatar when connect internationally haha so this is even better! Keep up the great shots :).

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