Boeing 787-8 Aeroflot


Can’t say it looks ugly…it’s definitely a nice livery!


Thats not correct
I also thought the order was cancelled

But: order still exists, though for 20 787s, not 22 as before.
This was stated by Aeroflot itself nearly at the end of february/beginning of march.


Once again, order is still alive.аэрофлот-откладывает-поставки-dreamliner-на-2017-год/ar-BBqciMm

Exactly from 1st of March.

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My favorite livery for 787.

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My apologies.

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These days airlines cancelling orders is the order of the day. The Aeroflot livery 👍 is as much a must as the airberlin livery…They cancelled of course… 😡

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Google translate for this link doesnt work. Error

But that source is more reliable than direct articles of foreign press.

The first two results that pop up after searching “787 aeroflot” are of Aeroflot not buying the 787, but they’re from 2015, so they could have changed their mind.
And Aeroflot’s website says that in 2007 they ordered 22 787s and 22 A350s, and nothing else.

maybe this one is working "Аэрофлот" откладывает поставки Dreamliner на 2017 год - ТАСС

@v_berezh @GISINNIKITA Do not believe Russian medias ;)

@Lare Aeroflot currently has 18 787-8 and 4 787-9 on order.

It is ITAR-TASS,the biggest information agency in RF

Yes they did, but they re-established the order by the end of last year (converting four of the 788s).


Would be great addition

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Probably going after more Airbuses😡

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I think we should wait until Boeing has produced at least one 787 for Aeroflot. Who knows, Aeroflot might do a different livery for its 787s, like what United did with theirs?