Boeing 787-8/9/10 Aerodynamics

Hi, how are you? I have a question about the Boeing 787 in infinite flight. Is the aerodynamics of the plane in the game the same as in real life? 🤔 That’s odd, a rework would be great with flaps 10 °, 17 ° and 18 ° at 9 and 10. 😊

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The #support category is only meant for game-related problems, but from what I understood you’re asking a question ;)

Yes, the Wingflex on the B787 is pretty accurate to the ones in Real life. The aerodynamics are similar too ;)

Welcome to the community! The aerodynamics are usually similar to those in real life.

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I have fully edited this because my friend DeerCrusher has answered your question.

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Hi Wesley,

Because the other three folks couldn’t answer your question, yes, the aerodynamics of the plane are the same as in real. The data that the aircraft is built upon is mirrored or is mirrored as closely as possible to the real deal.

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Thanks! Thanks for the answer! I hope in the future one day that he will have the missing flap positions 🙏🏻🙂

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The B787 Dreamliner is considered (in my opinion) the best aircraft in both aerodynamics and stability wise in IF… So fly it with confidence that you’re replicating it as in real life…

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The only aircraft lacking correct aerodynamics IMO is the 78X. But that is because the flight model on IF was released before the aircraft had even been built IRL. However, outside the flap positions the flight model is accurate for the 788 and 789.

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Thanks! Understand the same on 78X

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