Boeing 787 [2-DEER] by Deerjet visits Manchester, NH!

A special and very surprising Boeing 787-8 came and Visited Manchester, NH. This is the first 787 in the airport’s history to service and see a Boeing 787-8 land at KMHT. The B787-8 is configured as a VIP BBJ aircraft. This Aircraft has been here since Yesterday, and is Currently still here. It is unknown when 2-DEER will Depart, as the Aircraft is not trackable on flight tracking websites.

Credit goes to the Aviation Museum of NH

Credit goes to So Many Aircraft

Credit goes to Chris Ianno

Credit goes to So Many Aircraft


Interesting name at least…

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Love the look of this one!

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Don’t worry it was only me going for lunch …😏


That looks amazing! :)

This is the first and only 787 to land at KMHT. I doubt we’ll ever see one come here again.

You never know. It could happen again. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Reports say the 787 is still at the airport :)

One photo of the 787-8 at KMHT during dusk. I don’t have any chance at visiting my airport, and hope to visit Tomorrow before the plane departs (if it departs tomorrow). All the photos you see go to their respective owners :)

I went on Deerjet’s website and I can’t find the 787 anywhere :(. I guess the next time I need my private yacht services and jet, won’t use Deerjet :D

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Nice to see a staircase once in a while. If you EU guys don’t know, it’s common to use a jetway in the US… :)

Only staircase I went down and up on was to and from the big island in Hawaii.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it weird.

When it comes to non-revenue service planes, most airports provide air stairs so the VIPs can simply walk down and go into their limo or some other vehicle. There’s no point in wasting gate space for 1-10 people to deboard. :)

I meant for commercial flights, sure Trump has a 757 and deboards with stairs, but that’s like .1%(joking) of planes.

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Sorry, I misunderstood you.

To correctly respond to you: Yes, it’s very uncommon to see commercial aircraft being boarded/deboarded via air stairs.

No problem or worries, I’ll still love you no matter what. <3 (no homo)

This beauty arrived at Cape Town yesterday evening

Not my photo, sadly :(



Oh wow! Not as good as the A350 arriving in Cape Town though!

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Yes that was highly exciting , but not everyday you see 2-DEER landing :D !

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Yeah! It’s awesome that we had rain yesterday!

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The rain was something else yesterday , rain is always welcome during a drought. Must of been a hard touch down on RWY19 @ FACT with that heavy down pour.

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