Boeing 787-10

Boeing finished the assembly of the newest member of the Dreamliner family. According to nyc787, the -10 is on Paint Hangar.


The link doesn’t work :/

Im assuming you included the . at the start


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Finnaly, Boeing’s version of a pencil is out.


No. That goes to the 757-300.


Definitely. That thing is one of the thinnest planes I’ve ever seen.

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Boeing 787-10 Penci)liner

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I wont be surprised if Swiss or Edelweiss buy one of these pencil liners and register it HB-

I’m pretty sure they won’t at any time soon… They’re currently receiving all the 777-300ER and the CSeries. I’ve got contact with some pilots and they would prefer the A350 over the B787. :)

Oh yeah the a350 has more commonality with the a340 and a320 family

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