Boeing 787-10 Tracking Thread (World Debut + First Flight)

Boeing will make the debut in 2 days again! Looking forward for the debut! Share the updates of the debut here 😊

Here is the date of the debut

Follow her first flight in here! (Credits to @Gavrillo )


Lol they tagged the customers of the plane.


Yaaaay! The first Boeing B787-10! Which airline is it in? Is anyone from the IF Community planning on being there to witness the launch?

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Trump is going to be there.


Uhhhhhhh… Is anyone from the IF COMMUNITY going to be there?

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That jet is going to kick some serious butt - I look forward to travelling on it.

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I’m not, I live 10,000 miles away. I’ll be sure to watch the video though. I love the 787-10.


expecting it is very

Probably Singapore Airlines. They are the launch customer


Alongside ANA, EVA, United, KLM, and British Airways I guess. They also have placed orders for 78X too

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To clarify this is the 787-10 we already have in IF, and it’s not yet been flown commercially?


Yes, The plane haven’t started it’s maiden flight yet.

Lol embrace for Reg. Changes in IF now after the delivery of the first plane.

Because there’s so few that they could fit it on the screen easily

The first who ordered the plane ??

Friday Night Flight 787-10? hmm…what you thinking @Mark_Denton?


It’s got to be, hasn’t it?

I wish I could go. Hopefully the IF Community keep me updated though… 😉

Is not that to earls IF it has not made its maiden flight yet.

Please tell me they went for a triple-bogey system on the 7810. It just looks so wrong to have such a long plane with those 2-bogey main gears (looking at you, IF)…

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