Boeing 787-10 Tokyo --> SIngapore (Wonderful flight)

These photos are from a flight I recently did, which is Tokyo - Singapore.

Server: Expert
Aircraft used: B787-10
Airline Used: ANA
Flight time: 7 hours 17 minutes
Route: RJTT - WSSS


  1. Pushback

  2. Takeoff out of Tokyo (RJTT)

  3. Initial Climb

  4. Cruising

  5. Descent

  6. Landing at Singapore (WSSS)

  7. Awaiting Jetbridge



I don’t know if it was you but I was flying right behind when you was flying into Sydney

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Nice flight!

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Maybe, I’ll have a look

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Thank you!

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Definitely was me!

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Nice! Maybe we should fly sometime soon .

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For sure! I’m down.

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This aircraft is beautiful!.

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