|Boeing 787-10| Tel Aviv---> London Heathrow via Crete, Sicily, Sardinia and France

Flight Info
Aircraft: B787-10
Flight Time: 5 hours 20 minutes
Airline: El Al

Today I flew a Boeing 787-10 on a route from Tel Aviv to London. I decided to take the aircraft a different way than a typical flight path. I flew across the Mediterranean all the way to France passing Crete and flying over Sicily. Flying this way was an awesome opportunity to see some Mediterranean islands and lovely cities. For comparison, usually, El Al flights from Tel Aviv to London will fly north through Turkey and places like Bulgaria before making their way west across the North Sea. This flight path took a lot longer than El Al flights would usually take but some of the scenery was awesome!!

Parked at Tel Aviv

Flying off the coast of Crete

Over Sicily as Mount Etna looms in the background

The Sardinian Coast

Approaching Southern France 🇫🇷

Passing Paris

Unfortunately due to a server crash my aircraft plummeted out fo the sky on approach to Heathrow so I don’t have any photos😬.
Anyway hope you enjoy this flight report😁
Hopefully I will publish a Doncaster to Debrecen post tomorrow😁😁
Any suggestions for route would be greatly appreciated, I would prefer shorter routes that are a few hours in length as my weekdays are very busy😁


Nice pics love the 787-10

Thanks, yeah the 787-10 looks so elegant!! Personally though I quite like the shorter looks of the -8 but the -10 still looks awesome