Boeing 787-10 (N723CG). SEA - DCY/ZUDC - SEA. 11h 45m

February 3-4, 2021.

Boeing 787-10 (N723CG).

Flight route: SEA - DCY/ZUDC - SEA.
Flight time: 11h 45m.

Casual Server.

South Terminal, SeaTac Airport.

34R Runway, SeaTac Airport.

Yakutat, Alaska.

Providenskiy rayon, Russia.

Dornod, Mongolia.

Close 16 Runway, DCY/ZUDC Airport. Garze, China.

DCY/ZUDC Airport.

Garze, China.

Sukhbaatar, Mongolia.

The last landing at 34R Runway then arrive at gate South Terminal, SeaTac Airport.


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