Boeing 777x

Now, the Boeing 777x is a great plane to wait for. what I’m thinking is FDS should work on the 777x before it actually comes out. It would be nice to see what they do with it before the actual release; I think it should be based off of what we know close to the test flight, cockpit controls. 3D Objects and digital screening etc.
Now I haven’t got my hopes up, but it would be a great addition to the game. Along with the flaperon and folding wings.

EDIT: The liveries should be based upon the launch customers. Main airlines like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar & Singapore. The aviation power houses.

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There would only be like 3 liveries

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Let me edit a minute ;)

The plane does not exist yet so it’s pointless in requesting it!

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No meme is required. Do you really think with all the other topics on this aircraft that no on has requested it? If you look on them they all got closed for the same reason, so no meme is needed for me telling the truth and the basis that your topic will likely be closed


Well reason is I’m frustrated from your replies to my comments.

Well welcome to the forum, don’t take things to heart. I’m just telling you that it does not exist so a topic requesting it is not needed, I apologise if I frustrated you.

Boeing 777x 2020

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Des what’s the point on requesting for an aircraft that’s not out :)

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I prefer a 330/340 rework than that ! :p


Doesn’t exist yet