Boeing 777X

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that this aircraft, B777X, would be an awesome aircraft to fly in the future!!! However, when the B777X does come out, I think this could be a new project for the IFC since the B777X, is advanced in its unique ways, the largest B777 there will be in the very near future

For more Information about the B777X

Is this a feature request? If it is then please wait until you are Trust Level 2 or Member to access #features, other categories that need TL2 are #real-world-aviation, #live:va and #live:events

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@Ninetales I am a member bro.


It’s not a request right now, it’s just a topic to inform people of the B777X

Then it should’ve been placed in #features. I moved it for you.


Oh ok, thanks!!! @Ksisky

A similar request was made, which was closed due to this reason -


Well, there wasn’t any similar topics, and this one is closed. This is also a request to do in the future, since I am only mentioning the B777X…

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