Boeing 777X

I’m sorry if this topic has already been made, remove it if it has, but I have searched for this topic and I can’t find it!
As many of you may already know, Boeing have/will announce(d) their new 777 MAX and I thought perhaps after the MD-11 Is finished, this could be the new aircraft in infinite flight, I personally love the look of it, I love its wings and it simply just looks amazing in my opinion! Please let me know if you agree, thanks!

Other 777X requests had been closed because we don’t know the physics of it yet. The 777X has been requested a lot of times.


This is the 777X

and it has been requested before and closed cause it dosen’t exist yet.


That’s what I’m about to say :)

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Ok thanks, I will delete the topic :) but the dev made the 787-8,9&10 at the time when it didn’t exist so why the 777x?

ehm it’s a 777x not a max.

All the websites I’ve read have called it the max…

Like I said, we don’t know the physics of it

How do I delete this topic?

no we have enough Boeing we need more airbus like the 350 and the others reworked #airbusFTW


Oh right… Thanks, I was not aware of that I thought it was concorde

That hasn’t been confirmed yet. Best not to spread around rumors. :) The A350 will most likely come eventually.

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There was a poll and the MD11 won and the A350 came close behind it. @Sam_S, I think you could be right, i thought it was confirmed, if it isn’t, my mistake sorry.


How do I close this topic? I don’t want to cause irrelevance to the community moderators…