Boeing 777X First Flight, Production, etc. Part 2

I’m sorry but I think the poll should be different. You compared the A350**-1000** to the 777X, but the 777X competes with the A350 as a whole (passenger-wise & excluding A350-800). You will see this if you check the stats (especially seating) I posted above.

What can we expect from Boeing? I’m guessing an airplane.

I only just saw this, but please Qantas, pick the 777 🤞
They considered it before but decided against it.

Emirates Airlines will be the new launch customer for the 777x!


Great to hear! It’s good to know Emirates will continue with their wide 777 fleet.

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Check out this awesome website from Boeing.

On a second note I keep remembering that the 777X is going to be in an awesome red Boeing livery (similar to 748 sunrise livery).


Looks great with the red livery! Boeing made the colors a bit darker on the 777X than they did on the 748i, but nevertheless still looks amazing:


Looks very beautiful!

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I just read that they have commenced production of the first model!


I much prefer the blue colour of the 787/777 😐

They both look good.

Read for yourself!


Engine testing soon!


I love the concept of the aircraft. I hope some US airlines go for it like AA and Delta. Would really love to try this out. Especially like the fold able wings.

I love the look and design of this plane. Especially the fold able wings. Hopefully I get a chance to fly on this plane.

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