Boeing 777X Delayed Until Late 2023

Boeing Delays The 77X Until 2023

Boeing has officially confirm that they will not be releasing the 777X for customers until at least the end of 2023, according to reports.

The manufacturer says that the delay comes after multiple reasons. That being

  • An updated assessment of global certification requirements
  • Boeing’s latest assessment of COVID-19 impacts on market demand
  • Discussions with customers with respect to aircraft delivery timing
    Many airlines were planning to launch this late this year or even early next year to replace the older 777 fleet, but as Boeing delays this, that is obviously not possible.

What do you think?


Aw man. I was looking forward to seeing the 777X out in the sky. Well at least I can still find test flight on FlightRadar.


What a shame I really love this plane and I was so excited to see some trip reports on it soon


It’s really a shame as it gets pushed back and back but the good thing is that there taking there time on the 777x


Rip in the chat

Dang, that sucks. At least I live near BFI so at times i can see it, but it’s unfortunate it was delayed

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Awww. I wanted to fly on it! Like soon!

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Hope I can see it flying in the sky soon as possible🙏

Exactly, so they cannot make a mistake like the MAX. They rushed it because Airbus like NEWENGINEOPTIONS (Of NEO for short) so they were like “Omg I’m so jealous, I want to be bus that flys company!!!” And so the max was born.As a mistake.

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Dang, its a shame, I was super excited for Lufthansa, British Airways and Cathay Pacific to bring this beast to ORD.


Icelandair…? eh, will never happen anyways

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what a wimp JK

Yea thats pretty unfortunate

Take note, this is not because of a problem with the aircraft. This has to do with regulatory requirements and paper work. The pandemic is affecting this as testing is slowed down due to COVID. Nothing is wrong with the functionality of the aircraft at this point.


Damn, this sucks, I was really looking forward to this

As I said, born as a mistake.

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And it takes more than 2 years, and we also getting ready to rush the 777x they also wanted it out in less than 2 years, and I believe we got a sneak peak in 2016, the. Saw the real aircraft in I believe 2018, still under 2 years.

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yes i agree. but mistakes cant bring people back.

and the FAA are no angels either, they had a hand in it too. None of this would happen here in europe, we are soooo much stricter than any other. The EASA should revoke the 737 maxs certification to fly anywhere in EU skies until we know 100% its safe.

And the fact, they made another Max, is just absurd man.

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Some of y’all have the most uninformed takes I’ve seen in a long time on this platform.