Boeing 777's Pass 2,000 Orders!


🎉 Boeing’s 777 Surpass 2,000+ Orders!🎉

Boeing’s 777 aircraft has passed 2,000 orders recently, making it the biggest selling widebody airliner ever!

The current total of Boeing 777’s is 2,013, which includes all 8 variants/models.

I am amazed personally at one aircraft type can reach this crazy amount of orders. I feel like because of the high range of variants that the 777’s have, makes it a first choice aircraft for airlines.

Emirates is the largest operator of the B777, and FedEx are the largest operators of the B777 Freighters.

What’s your thoughts on the Boeing 777 and reaching 2,000 orders?


The Boeing 777 family in my opinion is a great plane, and I am not surprised that it has reached this amount. Congrats Boeing!


Yeah, it’s very versatile and can be used for a lot of purposes. With the amount of different variants there is, I’m not surprised.


I am especially excited for the 777X, I hope Qantas orders it for Project Sunrise.


Yes, I’m guessing you’re a fellow Aussie! I’m hoping too! Would certainly be a great aircraft for it.


I find it quite funny that this airplane is still getting orders and then I get a notification from YouTube that DJ has posted a video called ‘Airbus loses A380 orders’



Rip A380, you had a good life


The 777 still have plenty of steam left in my opinion, or should I say fuel? 😂


Wow! I never thought it had this many orders, I mean, I knew it has, and had, a lot, but this? Wow.


Yeah kind of amazing! A crazy amount of orders if you ask me!

I never knew that the 777 had this many!


Once again, Boeing has dominated the skies with its 737, 787, and now, 777! Congrats Boeing!


I’ve always been a fan of boeing, especially the B777, I can not wait to see it in the sky and maybe one day in the IF too


A very successful aircraft indeed! Love seeing the AC ones when i’m spotting!


Nothing ever beats the 777. It’s a well deserved milestone. Whoever thought about the 777 deserves all the credit. The plane has opened up many long haul pax routes as it’s freighter version dominates the cargo industry.

Long live the 777✈️🎊🎉2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣


WOW! The modern icon of aviation does it again. Well done, Boeing!


The 777 was, in my opinion, the most popular long haul aircraft in aviation history. The 737 and 777 are truelly a Boeing work of art!


Yeah, Boeing are amazing! Kudos to them!


Couldn’t agree with you more! It’s a great aircraft and has advanced passenger travel so much, in it’s presence.


Cue the victory music bill

10 minutes later

Argghh I broke my arm

Boeing 777 is the best plane in the world


The question is which order tipped it over 2,000?


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