Boeing 777F House livery

The Boeing 777 Freighter House livery

Hello everyone !
As the Boeing 777 gets reworked now I hope to see the House livery for the B777 Freighter.


For more information visit following links:

Boeing 777 (Wikipedia)

Boeing Home Website

I would appreciate your comments and your vote :)

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Found a vote for this as well. I do like the Boeing colours. Fingers crossed it comes with the 777F rework 🤞

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Thanks for your vote ! Yes, I really hope it gets added, too :)

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I think a House livery for every aircraft would be cool :)

This one would be pretty cool !

Don’t forget to vote for your own! Might drop a vote.

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This livery would be extremely cool! I like the House Liverys because you can do test flights etc. with them.

Maybe we have luck and it comes into play with 20.2. The 777F would be updated there. Maybe they will automatically bring this livery into the game :)

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Bumping this, it will be needed in 20.2!

Maybe with 20.2

I’m not voting, but I’d like to see this livery in 20.2.

Sadly, this didn’t make it …