Boeing 777F: Aircraft Review

I’m back, and I know these aircraft reviews are awesome! So I decided to review the Boeing 777F Today, and am planning on one other aircraft this afternoon. Before you ask, Yes, I will review the Dash 8 AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT. Moving along, a Cargomaster that everybody loves, and has @Laurens in love, The Boeing 777F.


Price: $7.99 (Australian Dollar)

Liveries: 11

Airport Restriction: Charlie


ICAO Designator: B77L

MTOW: 766,000lbs
MLW: 492,000lbs

Engines: General Electric GE90

Wake Turbulence Level: High
#Test Aircraft

Airline: AeroLogic
Registration: D-AALA
Airport: WSSS


The Boeing 777F is a cargo aircraft, based on the 777-200LR, and it shares similar features too! The Boeing 777F competes with the A330-200F and is set to replace old 747 Freighters, as well as the 767’s. The 777F is powered by 2 General Electric GE90 Engines, capable of flipping over a car in an instant.image

The 777F also features Raked Wingtips, as seen on the 777-200LR and 777-300ER. In the cockpit, the interior looks very outdated, closely resembling the 757 and 767 that Me and Rotate reviewed earlier. It also comes with 3D Features, such as the gear lever, throttles and flaps just to name a few. The cockpit is filled with the latest 21st Century Technology and even has Pepsi if you’re dying of thirst.

Although, 11 liveries is just not enough, when we know that there are more operators flying this aircraft around. Your local Cargo Airline could even be flying this!

#The Bottom Line

The 777F is a wonderful airplane to see and fly in Infinite Flight. Every part of it is wonderful, the Engines, Cockpit and even the Landing Gear! All wonderful! Apart from not enough liveries, this Aircraft is a beaut to fly to many destinations. Sick of Passengers screaming at you? Move to Cargo, best option as you don’t have that type of behaviour. You’ll only get it from transporting annoying animals from continent to continent.


Thanks for starting these up again DJ, good work!


The 777F is the best freighter in the skies (and in IF as well).


I knew you loved it, because of the profile picture and everything. I chose WSSS as AeroLogic flies there. Enjoy it :D

Other airports in IF currently served by AeroLogic:



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