Boeing 777 wing rework

Hello, while playing Infinite Flight, I saw that the “economy class” wing view wasn’t realistic at all. As being a frequent flyer on the 777 IRL, I’ll be happy to see a nice one on infinite flight. Here are two photos to comparate them.

Thank you for your attention

What’s the difference?


Wingtip, flaps,spoilers look closely

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They look pretty much Same

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Really ? I don’t think so

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I believe the wingflex is the difference here. Same goes to ailerons which isn’t animated in 777

The wingtip is different because there are no Wingflex in 777 currently. But actually, It’s already the same with real life. However, I don’t see any difference in flaps and spoilers. They looked same to me


Also the aileron works

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I think we’re starting to ‘split hairs’ here when you need to stare at two photos for a minute to pinpoint such minor differences. Sorry, but something so minor doesn’t get a wasted vote from me.


Check some photos of the 777-300er or 200lr wing on the ground and you will see the difference

I find it really easy to see the difference maybe because I am a true 777 fan, thanks for you reply

Wingflex Will make the main difrerence which is being developed for suitable aircraft like the 777.

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(Decided to send a link to avoid violating 1 picture/request)

From this photo, I think there aren’t any differences with the one in Infinite Flight. However, I have to acknowledged that the aileron is different here. A little rework would be good with wing markings imho


The 777 family whithin i finite flight needs a rework itself, you just have to wait for the devs to rework the 777 so just be patient and hang on :) trust me its on there list to rework.


It could be the dirt on the flaps combined with the inboard aileron being raised slightly that gives this effect of having the tow wings look different.

I am almost always flying the 777 (EK) so I know really well the wing

The second picture is of a Boeing 777-200lr (which is a whole another plane in (IRL and IF) the first picture is of a Boeing 777-200er which has the wingtip difference from the 200lr

The one he captured in Infinite Flight is 777-300ER as I can confirm

Look closely to the wingtips

NVM I thought the IF one was the 200er

It’s missing the light on the wingtip, wing flex, and a working aileron. The rest looks fine to me :)

The missing pieces are so minor that I don’t think this requires a rework. The wing looks very close to the real 777 wing.

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