Boeing 777 variants.

We all know about Asiana flight 214 that crashed upon landing at San Francisco International Airport on July 6 2013. The plane inbolved with the crash was a 777-200ER but the video im about to show is a remake of the flight in FSX 2017.

Video from MyFlightChannel on Youtube

As I was watching i paused at a moment that stumped me.

A clear screenshot from the video. As you can see its a 777-200LR cuz of the raked wingtips. Here is a normal picture of a 777-200ER

This is a 777-200ER it doesnt have raked wiingtips. So is this a video error?

Let me know in the comments.


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Yes its a video error.


This is very common on FSX and P3D cause the plane has same fueselage size and only different wings so instead of making another plane they use the 200LR as the 200ER

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Ohhh thank you! I was really puzzled about this.

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No the PMDG and most 777s in prepar3d have all variants

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Copy that, acknowledged. 🤙🏾

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I think it’s just that someone used the LR instead of the ER maybe because they didn’t have the ER in this sim or just ignorance.

That could be possible even tho Asiana doesnt operate the LR

That’s weird…maybe a custom mod to have an Asiana 777-200LR?

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That’s a misleading as hell thumbnail…

Very clickbait and dramatic.

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I watch the video mostly for the graphics

But they mostly use the 777-200lr for 777-200er

Almost everyone uses it I’ve seen hundreds of ppl using the LR for the ER

No they don’t. Most of them have different models for them

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Despite the fact that Asiana never owns a single 777-200LR, But they call their 777-200ERs as LRs actually ;)

That might confused the author of the video

Well thats weird. If they choose to operate the LR they might call it the ER based off the 777-300ER