Boeing 777 Rework Livery Tracking Thread

As you all know, the 777 update is coming! The 777-200LR was just confirmed, and of course there’s gonna be lots of liveries to come! Let’s do this!


  • Air New Zealand (White Fern)
  • FDS Livery (Possibly)
  • Philippines Airlines
  • Swiss
  • Turkish Airlines


  • Ceiba International

If Livery Tracking Threads aren’t allowed, I forgot, and sorry. :/

Ya know, I actually searched for this and couldn’t find it… Thanks anyways.

That one was closed days ago…

Temp closure depending on ‘stuff’

Will not be reopened.

In your imagination FedEx will operate the 777-300ER LOL :)

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Just realized that too… Which must mean this thread has the same fate. :/ I wonder why Livery Tracking Threads (LTTs) are banned anyways.

The point of a livery tracking thread is to track those that are already confirmed. I’m not even sure these topics are allowed anymore.

From Matt’s Instagram. Not sure if it’s the -300ER or -200LR, which is why I added (Possibly)

Also, I don’t have the -200, so I couldn’t check if that says 777-200ER on the side.

Also I removed the possibility of a FedEx -300ER.

That’s a ER. No raked wingtip.


The wingtips are actually resembling the -200ER. I think there’s a low possibility that that’s a -300ER.

Ceiba International has been confirmed, 77L.

Please make this a wiki so others can edit it.

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Add the Phillipine and Turkish liveries too, they are also confirmed…

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A mod has to make this a wiki. Unfortunately, a mod might close this. :/

I don’t think this is allowed, I asked the mods if I could make a tracking thread last week and they said it isn’t needed

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@JFKPlaneSpotter didn´t you post a screenshot of a B777-300ER with British Airways´s livery?

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Thanks! Almost forgot about those.

which one was the ceiba 777?

Matt’s most recent Instagram post. It’s hidden right behind the map overlay

ok then. Thanks for showing me

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