Boeing 777 Not Jumping For Heaven

While doing a final at EGLL/LHR (LONDON HEATHROW), my BOEING 777-300ER just pitched down and stalled and crashed after the A/P went down/off, so if you have any reasons please share them and opinons/ideas are as always are valued

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It sounds like you disabled the vertical speed AP without disabling the altitude AP. If you disable both at the same time you shouldn’t have any problems.

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I don’t know the exact cause, but I think you forgot to calibrate the controls. Common mistake, really. Just be sure you do that just before you think of disconnecting the A/P.

This has happened to me before. What I do is if the plane were to pitch down and dive, pull the nose up until it is level and then set your trim to your preferences. Sometimes, the calibration would be messed up, especially if you have the autopilot on for a long time.


You must also make sure your aircraft is properly trimmed before disabling AP. Typically your heavies need a fair amount of trim and the pink bar should be gone so you hold the same attitude once AP is disabled.


Alternatively, you can fly the final approach fully manually…it’s more fun too.