Boeing 777 Movements @EIDW

There were 3 especially nice movements at Dublin over the last weekend which all happened to be 777s as you have probably already seen from the title. The second two aircraft were quite dirty lol. I don’t know what it is about 777s but the ones I’ve seen are usually quite dirty for some reason.

Airport Operations Info

Arriving runways: 28L
Departing runways: 28L


Canon 500D
55-250mm lens
EF-51 Velbon Tripod

1+2 // This KLM 777-200ER PH-BQB was arriving in from Amsterdam Schipol for a fresh lick of paint. Peep the sheep in the second photo

3 // A taco with a side of F-GUOC. Get it? Because… Guacamole? I’m sorry that was a sad joke. A 777F headed home to Papi Charles De Gaulle.

4 // The next morning I got up early to catch United’s usual service to Newark however they had just switched out their 787-9/10 for their 777-200ER today in the form of N57016

5 // Technically by posting this the title is now a lie. But. Do I care? Kind of yes. But anyway peep this A350-1000 returning home after one last trip. This aircraft happened to be the same one as my previous topic G-VTEA.

Which was your favourite?
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Hope you enjoyed that. Plz don’t bully me for the stuff around the wheels of the 777F I’m a nub thx.


Great photos Ryan!

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Thx bro <3

Halos go brrrt. Great pics!


Halos make my head die lmao. Spent about 30 minutes trying to get rid of them. But no 🥲

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Could be too much dehaze that’s the problem, but idk exactly what it could be


Yea I used like 100% dehaze 😂
This was the original photo so you can imagine how much I used 👀

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Up the vibrance, lower the dehaze, mess about with the lighting, and it’ll be better


Nice to see some triple seven movement at EIDW! Probably my favorite Boeing aircraft and great to see them on our own backdoor. Especially liked the United 777. Can’t wait to get down myself after these restrictions lift!


727 will always be superior 😌

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Very nice 👌‼


yeah you’re gonna want to use the contrast instead of that chief

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I don’t know why but I love this angle so much!

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Those sheep, birds, wild rabbits, cows, horses. They keep creeping up close and in the fences of the airport for some odd reason.

Nonetheless these pictures are very nice and sharp like always. I love the first and the last spots of this topic. The A350 is a very special catch here. Looking forward to your next visit!

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that’s a nice sheep

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Wow! Very cool pictures all around! A bit odd to see so many European B777 at Dublin, but nowadays everything is possible. Very unique to see a sheep that close to the airport as well :)

My absolute favourite must be the A350 though, which looks absolutely stunning, especially in front of the tower right at lift-off as on your picture. Thanks for sharing!

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I suggest you to upload more photos next time. It would be great to share more photos with others 😉

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Well well well yet another spotting topic by Ryan with another bad joke

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Thanks mate :)

I’ll try get it some more then 😉

They certainly seem to be more relaxed about them here lol. Thanks 🙏

I actually believe it’s a relative of @Declan_Mcgee’s

Actually the Air France 777 and United 777 were already operated at Dublin before the pandemic but the A350 was definitely unusual. I have to agree the Virgin Atlantic red is amazing in the sun. Thanks :)

If you phone up some airlines and get them to send some aircraft my way I will 😉

Meh I would argue you’re the joke here 😌 SS gang rise up 💪💪


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