Boeing 777 Mass @ Chicago & Singapore Region - 090500ZAUG15

Hi! I Just about to make the 3nd Edition Involving Boeing 777. We would Flying from KORD and Flying around Chicago Region. After That, We would meet up at Singapore Changi and Flying To Kuala Lumpur Sepang. The Frequency that would we use is ATC Playground. And The Event would be held at 01:00 AM Zulu Time (Sat, 15-8-2015).

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And Btw Please Comment on here if you would like to Join As Pilot or an ATC Controller (KORD, WSSS, WMKK)

~The Date already Fixed. There would be Some Further Info about this Event~

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And It Could be B777 ( -200ER, -300ER, -200F )

Can you follow the event category title and body guidelines?

Thanks For Reminding me :) Almost forgot

Can you also change “11:00 PM Zulu time” to “2300 Zulu time”

Sure. Sorry Cause I Forgot the Rules

Fixed your title. Date goes first, then time in Zulu, then the month, then the year.

Thanks Sean, Sorry for my bad

I want to join!