Boeing 777 live radar icon has 4 engines instead of two

I was controlling on live and noticed, that the 777 shows up as a plane with four engines.


It’s common maybe because a 777 has a capability of a 747
(or just a size indicator)


The icon is to identify large aircrafts in the map…makes sense.

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It is just a general size indicator …

All heavies except the A330 and 787 have four engines.
A330, 787, 757, and 767 have a skinnier 2 engine icon
A320 family, 737 family, ERJ family, Citation, and CRJ have the normal two engine icon
Cirrus, C208, and C172 have the prop icon
Spit and P-38 have the warplane icon.
Dash, C-130 family, and Super Dethacon have there own icons.
And fighters have the jet icon


Makes more sense now. Thanks

I noticed that…
I might be being OCD but it’s a bit annoying

It is misleading to many

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