Boeing 777 fuel saving

So I will maintain both speed and altitude?

I did YPPH to KLAX in a 200LR I don’t know the distances in relation to this but step climb I went to FL320 then up to 340 at 0.85 and was eventually able to do 0.87. You should be fine stop at 11,000 on the way up I go from 240kts to 320 then continue climb

I am using 8.6 tons of fuel per hour. Is that the normal fuel consumption for Being 777?

Nope, that’s too high. You should be at around 7T per hour at the start dropping throughout the flight to average 6T per hour. Obviously with the higher weights at the start the fuel burn will be higher and reduce as the flight progresses.

2000’ deviation + or - from the optimum flight level will increase your fuel burn by 4% on average. That’s PER 2000’ so 4000’ from optimum is 8%. However, the fuel savings from a good tailwind can offset the altitude penalty so it’s a bit more complex than that.

How you determine the optimum in IF is beyond me, in the real aircraft I would hit the Vnav page of the FMC and bring up the cruise page to get the optimum and the step climb positions.

Perhaps someone more versed in IF could help determine the optimums for you.

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HI. I am 4h15 min away from landing. With 43% of loading( 247.1 tons) and 25% of fuel( 35.4 tons), cursing at FL310 and travelling at M0.85 . The averge fuel consumption per one hour is 6.4 tons. With these information, do you guys thing that I should climb to FL330 to reduce the fuel consumption?

A good way to find out that info is to use If you enable stepclimbs during the editing portion of your flight plan, you can click generate ofp and simbrief will tell you what altitude to be at each waypoint. Check the tutorial given above, because it will give you a link to a tutorial on using simbrief.

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One problem with is some Way Points are not the same as Infinite Fly which causing me a lot of time to adjust.

Thats when you use the fpltoif convertor also in the tutorial above

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