Boeing 777 fuel saving

Hi everyone. I am Kevin. I have just started a flight from Paris to Sydney. As far as I know, the Boeing 777-200LR can handle up to 9450 nm. And my flight is 9401nm and Infinite flight tell me that I don’t have enough fuel to get to Sydney. So, Can anyone show me how to save the fuel for this flight?

  • About the trim, I don’t know how to set it correctly. I let it at 7% and it made the attitude (when it reached cruising level) fluctuate from -10 to 14 (feet). Can anyone tell me how to reduce this rate?

  • Here is the detail of my flight:

Have you done a stepclimb for your flight? Because if you haven’t, you may be too heavy for your current altitude

I am flying at 340000ft traveling at M0.69 and having 77% of load, which is 304.5 tons. Should I reduce or increase the height?

M.69 is way to slow. Maybe .83?


I would definitely check out this tutorial. Deer does a wonderful job explaining how trim should be used!


Definitely speed up to Mach .84, which is the correct cruise speed for your plane. Assuming you just started the flight, IMO FL340 is too high for the 777 at the start of your flight. I would descend to FL310 right now, because you are travelling west, and NEODD SWEVEN.

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But Can Boeing 777-200LR can complete the route from Paris to Sydney. Speaking from the technical side.

Should be able too.

With that altitude you’re leaving planet earth. Impressive! 😉

Check out the instructions & tips received above and remember that often your fuel expectations can be pessimistic in the earlier parts of your flight. Climb slowly, keen an eye on this headwinds and check fuel expectations later in the flight. They might brighten up a bit

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Thanks brotha=)). It has appeared that I got a crosswind at 32kts. How much should I climb for every hour?

Unfortunately, I am flying at night so nothing can be seen yet. Wait until the morning=))

Also, note that as you will be flying towards the east, you should be at an ‘odd’ altitude, such as FL310 or FL330.

If you haven’t kept the onboard wight right down (low number of passengers, minimal cargo) then you may struggle to make that flight.

First off that -10 to 14 fpm fluctuation is normal and very small in terms of turbulence. No need to set trim until you are descending so you have a smooth AP disengagement

Second off the operating speeds of the 777 range from M80 to M86 so you should not be flying at M69 but the economical cruise of M84.

Third and final point. FL340 is too high for your altitude if you are maxed out on fuel and are at 77% load. You should start out at FL280 for that weight in the 77L if you want good fuel economy. Full of fuel in the 77L should get you around 21hrs of flight if you do everything correctly

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Thanks you guys all=))

When should I hit 41.000 feet, 2 hours before or even sooner?

Make sure that when you do long haul flights you step climb over several hours which is more economical and results in fuel saving. Currently I’m flying from Heathrow - Perth, I step climbed and I have 2,000kg of fuel as a reserve. (in a 787)

Thanks. Oftenly I just climb for 500 to 1000 ft per min.

btw, Are you going to hit 41.000 ft. If yes, when?

I once did Paris-Sydney in the 777. My final step-climb to 41000ft was over central Australia, 2 hours before touchdown in Sydney

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One thing with all aircraft is that as you burn fuel you get lighter becoming fuel efficient so it may say unable to make it at yhe start but as you fly that will either change to you can your get there now with fuel or you will find that you will be vloser to the destination that originally prodicted. This is not a tip but focus of knowledge. Use the Tips and tricks that the tutorials provide and or the other members


Hey guys. I am flying at FL3100 , travelling at M 0.83 and 87% loading( 322.3 tons). And as Infinite say I will not have enough fuel for the trip to Sydney. For now I have 83% left ( 122.98 tons) What should I do for saving fuel.

P/S: I did the step climb .

It will be like that with winds, and as you burn more fuel you will see your fuel economy go up

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