Boeing 777 Flash event @ WMKK - 060300ZJUN16

Flash event!

Welcome to this flash event. Today let’s fill up the skies to get the rework 777 hype going

TIME: 8:00pm PDT / (0300 UTC Zulu)
SERVER: Advanved, ATC will be appreciated
REGION: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur
ELEVATION: 20,000 feet (~VS 2500-3,000)
RECOMMENDED SPEED: 230 under 10K, 260 under 18K, 280 from 18K until cruising altitude, final speed 300kts.
PLANES: Any in the 777 family
SPACING: Any as long as you have a proper spacing with the plane in front of you on final
FLIGHT PLAN: Copy mine(IFAE-HV9690)/ @art_martinez’s (IFAE-Art Martinez) at the start of event.
DESCEND: Your choice

And of course, have fun! Please stay behind for a nice group pic after we land.

Hosted by the IFAE team



Hope you guys are having fun! SIA couldn’t turn up due to well, busy members hahaha


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Glad you guys had fun! Thanks for coming!

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