Boeing 777 Family screenshots

A little something other than the 787 ;)

The freecam is very cool, takes time to get used with the controls of it, and also I’d like to thank FDS for finally implementing the fullscreen for Android!


can this turn into a topic where people post there 777 shots?


Very nice screenshots. IOS users still don’t have the update.RIP

Usually takes 4 days - almost 2 weeks.

I know. That’s why IOS updates are with not that many bugs.

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LR = Long Range
ER = Extended Range

LR’s have a longer range than ER-models. That’s the most important difference.

Tell aircraft cabin or in HD

Can’t stand this livery

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Average time is now 1.56 days.

See why the usually is bold?

Free cam looks so cool!

If you say so ;)


China Airlines Boeing 777-300ER!


The Boeing 777-200LR goes farther and has raked wingtips while the 200ER doesn’t.

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I heard a rumor of the United merger 777 livery? Is this true?

Yeah. A preview of it was showed on IF’s Instagram.

Is it ingame?

Yes, I don’t have the update though.

Yea, it was posted on Instagram