Boeing 777 Family Rework


Yes the current ones are broke!


They should be brighter as well, that’s at least what i think.
Looking at that Air Canada you can see when the strobes go off they blink quite brightly as the light in a diameter is quite big/expanded. It glows a bit far out and placing it in diameter scale it’s a big circle, the glow effect that’s what i’m trying to get at. The afterglow that’s what i meant.


we could see the NAV lights so clearly even in the darkness but in the game we couldn’t see anything.


where did the taxiway light come from?


Boeing 777 aircraft is my favorite, and I’m happy if Boeing 777 is reworked in some parts, like cockpit, geartilt and wingflex, it would be cool if it happens and gets the latest changes


yes, the 777 has the most powerful strobes ever by the same way so


What is “mowerful”? LOL


sorry Powerful strobes i mean


Can’t vote, but I support this. Would love to have this aircraft reworked because I do a lot of international flights in it.


Oh my gosh that wing shape, tho!

P.S. Please know that I didn’t mean to reply on your reply. It doesn’t let me reply on the original thread, so.


Me too I think the family of 777 should be reworking


Also the FLAPERON💓😍💓


Please add PIA Retro and PIA markhor in that list too! 😊😊
Both are 777-200ERs and Registration are AP-BMG and AP-BMH


We are very serious when it comes to a 777😂😂
If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t Going!!


Hello, IFC! After some time, today I returned to fly the B77W. However, from time to time, I’m having trouble stabilizing this aircraft at cruising altitude. She climbs up and down, trying to stabilize at cruising altitude, but she never can. Anyone else have this problem?

Detail: This problem only occurs with the 777-300ER; the other versions of Boeing 777 in the IF are okay about it.


I have this problem sometimes, but not at cruising altitude. It usually happens to me after defending for a while. If I tell the autopilot to maintain 4000 feet the nose will go up and down making the altitude increase by ~50-100 feet, then the nose drops causing the aircraft to lose altitude and then it over corrects causing the cycle to repeat.
Is that the same problem you’re having @IFBR-Mauricio ?


Exactly! But in my case it happens whenever I try to stabilize the altitude with the autopilot, it does not matter if it is the FL360 (cruising altitude) or if it is 4000ft at the approach. At any altitude I try to stabilize with the autopilot gives this problem you mentioned. 🙁


I think you just need to use low VS.


Are there strong winds and are you using trim?


@Chatta290 That’s not the point because it happens on all flights, from start to finish. It does not depend on weather conditions. It is the only aircraft that has this problem; the other versions of the Boeing 777 do not present this problem, as do other aircraft models.