Boeing 777 Family Rework


Yes!! I love the 777 and this rework needs to be done!


I would also love a reworked 777-200 with the Euroatlantic livery.


This plane needs wing flex


Plus we also need the new American Airlines livery for the 777-200er.


@The_One_World there’s plenty of great liveries on the 777 that are missing from Infinite Flight, and I agree it would be nice to have the new American livery.

If you want to see the American livery be sure to vote for it here :)


Great idea, it should include stuff like a better cockpit.
The wing view is awful as the wing is so plain unlike real life.
Also the apu at the back is messed up


Unlikely soon, as other airliners (eg 747 and A330 etc) are much more in need of rework than the 777.


We definitely need that


But the cockpit is definitely in need of a rework!!


Look at the A330 cockpit first. The B777 is perfectly fine in my opinion and I fly that the most.


A330 and B777 is in need of rework because I can’t fly them at night!!


The 777 is my favorite aircraft so I would love to see a rework of this plane.


We never said that it was the only plane that needs a rework. We just said that it would be great. I also think that some other planes like the a330 or the 767 would need a rework.


We need a new one for sure!!! Maybe with new sexy looking Air Canada livery?


@George You have my vote, this is dearly needed!


That’s one of the MOST detailed threads I’ve ever seen!!!


B77F too!
They amost always fly when it’s dark. So I would really love a colorful cockpit:)


Wym the 777 cockpit is to too wide in IF in real life is more smaller + cockpit lights is also needed badly on it I fly it only day time .luck of wing flex and the engine’s need to be more bigger on the 200er and the my opinion is not perfect


I’m saying it’s prety damn good, compare it to the Airbus aircraft in need of reworks and you will see what I mean.



Fix the strobes on it