Boeing 777 Family Rework


Voted 👍👍 definitely needs a rework.


This request is still at the top… and I don’t understand. The opportunity cost of a 777 rework is just way too high. So many planes are in need of a rework more than the 777. 777 is like the 2nd jet in less need of a rework. Completely unnecessary. That’s my opinion. Feel free to disagree :)


Well no one is demanding it be done now, but at some point it needs to be done, for all the reasons that have been mentioned in this thread.

IMO wide-bodies should be re-done first because of global and what that will do in terms of shifting the majority of IF flying to long haul.


Great if they rework the B777 I would be delighted to fly with this plane because it is my favorite plane.


You know if cockpit will be bright or animated?


But in the meantime those votes could be allocated somewhere else. Anyway, that is off-topic. You can have your own opinion. I am just not going to vote for this.


Fair enough, not everyone’s priorities lie in the same places.


Even though there are other aircraft in need of a rework I would like to see this one come soon. A newer cockpit and wingflex like we have on the 787 would be awesome for longer flights in global. I also hope we get the Austrian Airlines livery added when we eventually do get a rework as it looks absolutely stunning.

If you want to check out the request for the Austrian livery click here


Maybe a BBJ livery on this beast would be pretty cool. The 777 is in need of a rework. I still don’t get why they only updated the physics and stuff instead of remodeling the flightdeck.


First they should rework the A330, A340 and A380, they should also add the A340-300 and A350. Then they can rework the 777.


Something on the 777-300ER that bothers me is how some of the liveries don’t even have WIFI hubs on the fuselage. Imo, it looks much better with the WIFI hubs.


Lots of various aircraft types have them but still not on IF, I would rather we have new planes in all honesty or liveries.


Yeah 777 needs a rework Its a bautiful Aircraft.


I voted. My main reason voting is about the cockpit. We need lights very bad…


In my opinion, i hope they will separate landing lights and taxi lights to be more realistic having a flight at night. Not just B777 but all aircraft.


It should have a re-work… Would love to fly the 777F but I just don’t because the weights ain’t right, max payload should be around 102 tons instead of the 53 in the game which is less than the 330F can. And the second thing is that the take-off weight is the same as the -200ER while it should be the same as the -200LR


A full rework will be awesome because the last time FDS reworked the 777, they should have really reworked the entire plane as it would make sense.


the 777 has been in high demand since the release of global
hope to see this feature request come to life


It had its 2.0 during the 787 Update. I can’t wait to see its 3.0 in 4K textures and with wing flex (the current FDS Standard). That would make the true beauty of the 777 unfold.



I think they could also fix this, 777 has 3 white nav lights for 300 versions as 200 ER and LR
this could add a bit of realism in flyng a 777 for 777 lovers