Boeing 777 Family Rework


It looks so right with the wingflex!


You deserve an award, sir.


Wow that’s nice… you should make more of those photos :)


Guys the 777 got a rework exactly one year ago. Do you really want another one?


Yes, I suppose 79 people (and many others) would like a 777 rework.


The opportunity cost of a 777 rework is just too high… I don’t understand why so many people want it.


All we really need for this is wing flex gear tilt and a new cockpit


How did you get those taxi lights?


well the Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300 ER (ZK-OKQ) should be updated because its got a new look,
old look

new look

the new one looks beautiful and better than the other all blacks livery. the new one is also a all blacks livery


tbh all I would like to see is wing flex…


that wing flex though 💪🏻 I would absolutely love a 777 rework one day, pictures are mine


4K textures, a reworked cockpit with lights, and working cargo doors would be nice as well.


Edited them in with Photoshop, wanted add more realism to the scene.


It really bugs me that IF still uses the old Qatar livery (Oryx extending onto the fuselage) when the updated livery that you captured has been out for several years now, and almost all are painted in the updated livery. Nice photos btw!


Ikr! It’s an easy fix, and thank you!


Truck Tilt + Wing Flex make all the difference!


Ran outta likes but you have a gift!


Awesome work @Javier_Blancas this has to come after global though

the wing flex and gear tilt look amazing


I am definitely voting for this. Imagine how slick it would look with Wing flex. Imagine if we could get a realistic GE90 engine roar (Depending on which airlines use that engine) I would be willing to pay $650s for a feature like that.


If they do a rework FDS should make the engines on the -200 wayyy smaller amd the engines on the -300 a bit bigger