Boeing 777 Family Rework


I mean…



Add in the Star Wars livery ANA lol and vuala u get a beautiful aircraft


I’ve yet to see a livery that doesn’t look good in good in this lovely bird… except for EVA air. (Barf)


Bump! Hopefully soon!


Gotta love the wing flex! :)


Perfect! I want for one re-work to all planes.


I know right! The winglflex of the 777 is second only to the 787 which is sad that we can’t see the Wingflex of the 777 in IF


Credit: Simon L

It looks pretty good to me^


I love how the -200ER’s have wingflex, but not a lot of it. It really appeals to me for some reason.


I don’t know… but for me it’s too simplistic.


Agreed @s1b2p5.


So, I realized that the B777-300 wings on IF doesn’t have the details like on the real B777-300. So I guess it’ll be cool if this little feature is added to add more realism to B777-300Air_India_Boeing_777-300ER_Lofting-2



You mean the passenger emergency exit side walks as an example?


Man I really hope that a B777 soft-rework is added to one of the new aircrafts coming in 2020. Like the 737 came in with the A-10 update.

(Fingers crossed)



Please devs be nice to us:)


Well, I really hope a full on rework of this baby!!
My fingers are crossed. Crossed 3 times 4 times, I think I’ll be crossing my fingers until the rework comes!!


We hope you add the KuwaitAirways 777 livery guys 🙌🏻


Nice edit of the Kuwait. This livery is a must!


A 777 rework would be a amazing! 😄


Here is an edited picture of the Saudia Airlines Boeing 777W takeoff runway 32R at OEJN.