Boeing 777 Family Rework


And it will be once they rework it. Standards change up to the latest aircraft that was fully reworked or added.


I think that the cockpit of Boeing 777 really needs a rework and it also deserves a rework. Many players really love 777.


COOL! l like the livery and maybe it can show up in IF some day in the future.


Indeed. The cockpit and wingflex, along with gear/truck tilt, will look great!


Yeah they do need a rework.


This has gotta be next.


I love that livery never seen it in real life but I’ve seen it on Flightradar24 and it always looks amazing.


The camera working on the 777 will need to be re-worked as when you’re moving the camera, it still has the realism.


The cockpit from outside and the fuselage needs to be worked on. Plus, we need the China Southern livery added on the 777-200LR and the 777-300ER.


Woo just look at ths B777-2DZLR flexxx



777 family? Hey that’s my ride! 300ER please and this definitely gets my vote! Also something rather small but important to add:

Passenger view window (textured) with rough or smooth landing shake (just add to modify the left wing view, I guess?)


C’mon it’s an airliner, we “armchair pilots” like to think we long haul hundreds of souls onboard with the best passenger comfortability in mind. It’s why we don’t dive quickly easing on the V/S in IF. That window is how most of us identify with flying, how we judge a landing most of our flying lives in the real world and as tool to criticize “pilot’s flight performance” from the comfort of our seats and with some death grips on the sides sometimes!

Anyhow, ANY rework on the 777 works for me, it’s an important aircraft stuck at a pathetic state, currently.


I think the 777 is in a pretty good condition now, but something I’m really wanting is some cockpit lights, like the ones on the a320…because when I fly long hauls at night the cockpit is like pitch dark and I can’t see a single thing.
Also, as a Hong Konger, the new Cathay livery would be nice :)


Like the soft rework the 737 got?


Yeah something like that


I couldn’t have said it better myself. The window view is what we all see as a pax on a plane and that would be so awesome. I recently started flying the CRJ family and couldn’t believe they had true interior/cabin views. I would love that to be added to a long haul. That’s my favourite feature and I would love to see the 9-10 abreast economy seating and window views when I’m traversing over the Atlantic or Pacific.


Does the rework includes the 777F?


Yes, the rework means the entire family of Boeing 777 aircrafts.


Also the SAUDIA 777F is nice


that sound was sick, so was the vid!


I really do hope the Devs get this rework done this year at some point! It would make long haul flying a lot more fun for me!